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Calcium Carbonate Filter Media


Calcium Carbonate is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula CaCO3 and is a type of salt. It consists of three (3) chemical elements: calcium, carbon and oxygen. It is a common ingredient of rocks in (almost) all parts of the world, as well as a main ingredient of exoskeleton sea (mostly) organisms, such as snails, sponges and corals. It is also a key component in pearls and egg shells

Main uses

Calcium Carbonate has a huge range of uses and applications. From gastronomy to the production of construction materials as a mix ingredient. From ingredient in toothpaste to the production of insulation materials. It has also been often used for medical purposes as a calcium supplement and as antacid, however its extensive use may be dangerous. It is widely used in winemaking for reducing acidity in wine or must.

Main applications

  • Key liquid filtering material
  • Chemical applications as ingredient in thousands of products
  • Medical applications
  • Agricultural applications, as fertiliser & animal feed ingredient
  • Food and drinks industry

Calcium Carbonate Filter Media by STROUMBOULIS

STROUMBOULIS collaborates with one of the most established Manufacturer brands in the field of water treatment products, the German brand EVERS GmbH & Co.KG, with the product EVERZIT ® Carbonate.

EVERZIT ® Carbonate is a natural filter medium produced by pure calcium carbonate (CaCO3). It is used for the deacidification of ground waters and regulation of their pH (remetallisation following reverse osmosis processes.

EVERZIT ® Carbonate has high reactivity. When used in drinking water treatment, it increases the pH level and therefore facilitates iron and manganese removal.



EVERZIT® Carbonate is used in single-layer filters and in some cases as the bottom layer in dual media filters to realize:

  • Neutralization of dissolved carbon dioxide (deacidification)
  • Hardening/remineralization following reverse osmosis (desalination)
  • Treatment of raw waters with low acid capacity (i.e. low carbonate hardness)
  • pH increase in swimming pool water after chlorination
  • Iron and manganese removal

Application sectors

  • Drinking water treatment
  • Sea water desalination
  • Water treatment in swimming pools
  • Process water treatment

Features and benefits of EVERZIT ® Carbonate

  • No localized excess alkalinity after process stoppages
  • No danger of filter clogging by agglomeration
  • Highest material purity (CaCO3 > 99 %)
  • No grain decomposition, no swelling
  • Problem-free filtration, even in discontinuous operation

EVERZIT ® Carbonate is fully compliant with the European Standard EN 1018.

STROUMBOULIS offer the Calcium Carbonate EVERZIT ® Carbonate with all its certifications as well as with the flexibility – high quality service in terms of availability – deliveries to our Clients.

Chemical and physical characteristics

CaCO3 ~ 99,1 %
MgO3 ~ 0,4%
SiO2 ~ 0,25%
Al2O3 ~ 0,15%
Fe2O3 ~ 0,04%
Πυκνότητα ~ 1500 kg / m³

Available grain sizes

  • 1,0 – 2,0 mm
  • 2,0 – 3,0 mm
  • 0 – 6,0 mm
  • 0 – 8,0 mm

Other granular sizes can be provided in line with your requirements.

Available Packaging

  • Bags 25 / 50 kg in pallets 1000 kg
  • Big bags 500 kg
  • Bulk




  1. The calcium content defines the quality of material.
  2. Each use or application requires a specific granular size, with depends on the required flow.
  3. Calcium carbonate used in filters of water intended for human consumption must be fully compliant with the EN 1018 Standard.
  4. In cases of bulk products delivery or those contained in big bags, their quantity should be checked upon delivery.