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Manganese Dioxide Filter Media


Manganese is a chemical element with the atomic number twelve (12) and chemical symbol Mg. It is an alkaline earth mineral, the eighth in abundancy in the Earth’s crust (2% by mass) and the ninth overall in the universe. Its name comes from the area of Magnesia in Thessaly.

Manganese Dioxide is formed through chemical treatment, but can also be found in nature.


Manganese Dioxide by STROUMBOULIS

STROUMBOULIS collaborates with one of the most established Manufacturer brands in the field of water treatment products, the German brand EVERS GmbH & Co.KG, with the product EVERZIT ® Mn.

Based on naturally occurring manganese dioxide, EVERZIT® Mn is used primarily for catalytic manganese removal in drinking water and mineral water treatment. The high active surface area of EVERZIT® Mn facilitates oxidation of iron and manganese in water with high oxygen content and promotes formation of hydrated oxide floccules which are easily filtered out.



EVERZIT® Mn is used as a single-layer filter media or as the bottom layer (in place of quartz sand) in dual media filters. In certain cases it can be also used in mixed beds in combination with quartz sand.

If the raw water treated has high iron content, use of a sufficiently thick EVERZIT® N upper layer is recommended. This top layer retains most of the iron, protecting the EVERZIT® Mn bottom layer and allowing it to selectively remove manganese.

EVERZIT® Mn is inert to carbon dioxide and reliably removes manganese even at slightly acidic pH levels (i.e.  > 6.5). Therefore in most cases there is no need to increase the pH value before manganese removal.


Features and benefits of EVERZIT ® Mn

  • Provides reliable manganese removal at pH levels from 6.5 and upwards
  • EVERZIT® Mn does not require any running-in time. Unlike conventional manganese removal process, it demanganizes with full effect immediately upon start-up and in subsequent operation.
  • EVERZIT® Mn does not have to be chemically regenerated, unlike conventional media which require regeneration by addition of e.g. potassium permanganate (KMnO4) solution.
  • High particulate retention capacity, even with minimum contact time (i.e. at high filtration speeds).
  • EVERZIT® Mn is not adversely affected by carbonic acid attack.

EVERZIT® Mn complies fully with the following standards and regulations:

  • EN 13752
  • German Drinking Water Ordinance 2001
  • DVGW work sheet W 213

STROUMBOULIS offer the Manganese Dioxide EVERZIT ® Mn with all its certifications as well as with the flexibility – high quality service in terms of availability – deliveries to our Clients.


Chemical and natural characteristics

MnO2 > 65,0 %
SiO2 ~ 4%
Fe2O3 ~ 7%
Density ~ 3,9 g / m³
General Density ~ 1650 kg / m³


Available grain size

  • Ο,5 – 1,5 mm

Different granular sizes can be provided in line with your requirements.


Available Packaging

  • Bags 25 kg in pallets 1000 kg
  • Big bags 500 kg