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The aim of our Company is to create long-term relationships of trust and confidence with our Clients.

Our mission is for the high quality certified products that we provide, to offer added value for our Clients, improving the efficiency of their facilities and final products / services, benefiting their business, the sector and the wider society.

At STROUMBOULIS we achieve our Mission thanks to the expertise, consistency and high quality service that we offer.

In the last 5 decades, STROUMBOULIS has earned the confidence and long-term collaboration of hundreds of Clients, as the Company with the higher expertise in Quartz Products and Filter Media.

Nowadays, it further expands its Clientele, not only in quantity – reaching over 2,000 (2017) but also in quality, with Companies-Leaders in their field, from the Construction Materials Industry to Architectural Design and the particularly demanding sector of Swimming Pools, which benefits from certified quality and quantity, excellent service with flexibility of delivery, as well as consistency – reliability in trading.

For all above and many more reasons, we see our Clients as Partners. Besides, our successful track record so far, is most of all based on them. We thank them for that.

Water & Waste Treatment. It includes all Companies which deal with the installation and maintenance of swimming pools, water treatment and sewage treatment facilities throughout Greece. Furthermore, Companies or Institutions that operate Water Works at large industrial scale (e.g. Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company SA, Thessaloniki Water Supply & Sewerage Co. S.A.,), or facilities for industrial water & waste treatment, as a critical part of their operations (e.g. PPC, MOTOR OIL, HALYVOURGIKI, SIDENOR).

The Construction sector in Greece uses the Quartz Products of STROUMBOULIS as a primary source or ingredient for final construction products, insulation materials, special paints, as well as a construction material in various projects. The Company collaborates with Leading businesses in their field, such as ISOMAT, SIKA, THRAKON, DUROSTICK, KERAKOLL, J&P AVAX, AKTOR, METKA etc.

A growing field of application of the STROUMBOULIS products – especially Quartz sand – is Architectural Surfaces. The extended colour “palette” and granule sizes, together with the high mechanical strength, consistency against UV radiation, offers the architect – interior designer excellent creative possibilities. These architectural applications can be used in swimming pools, flooring for outdoor spaces, walls, floors and special surfaces of small and large facilities.

Large businesses with industrial production use STROUMBOULIS products in various uses and applications, depending on their field of activity. ELPE, SIDENOR, ELPEN, HALYVOURGIKI and other Greek industries, trust STROUMBOULIS not only for the excellent quality of its products, but also for the flexibility – service it offers, satisfying their demanding requirements, for many years.

The granular products of STROUMBOULIS have special uses in Institutions of the Private and Public Sector, as well as many Legal Entities of Public and Private Law, which span across the Greek economy – society. The applications of the STROUMBOULIS products relate to all fields of use of granular minerals, such as filtration, filling, special construction applications etc. Horse Races (OPAP), TRAM, OSE, the Hellenic Navy, the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, SETE, ATTIKES DIADROMES, the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation, are representative examples of “good practice” collaborations of STROUMBOULIS, with duration, consistency and relationships of trust for many decades.