Κωνσταντινουπόλεως 45 Πειραιάς 18540



Selected high purity quartz sand undergoes thermal treatment at 1500oC and catalyzed by the addition of a sodium based flux additive. With this process, Cristobalite is produced. The exceptionally high whiteness, chemical purity, thermal conductivity acid resistance and low density, make cristobalite the ideal filler for various specialised products (paints, coatings, ceramic products, decorative surfaces, silicon products, jewellery, cosmetics etc.).

Our company imports packed Sibelite ® Cristobalite from the established manufacturer Sibelco.

Chemical and natural features:

SiO2 99,6%
Fe2O3 0,03%
Al2O3 0,2%
TiO2 0,025%
K2O 0,05%
CaO 0,008%
Hardness 7 Mohs
Whiteness > 88
pH 8,5 – 9,5
2,3 g/m3


Available grain sizes

0,15-0,5mm    ( M72   D50 = 310μm )
Μ002  D50 = 80μm
Μ006    D50=40μm
Μ0010   D50 = 30μm