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Dolomite Filter Media

Dolomite is an anhydrous carbon mineral consisting of calcium and magnesium – CaMg (CO3)2. It offers 21,7 kg of calcium and 13 kg of magnesium per 100 kg. Dolomite can be dissolved in slightly acidic water.


Main uses

Dolomite is used as a decorative stone and raw material for cement production. It is also often used in place of calcite – fossil mineral with similar characteristics – in the steel and iron production process, as a means of removing impurities, helping to maximize the final usable mineral.


Main applications

  • Decoration, as natural element
  • Gardening, as a regulator of pH in the soil as well as a source of magnesium
  • Substrate in seawater aquaria – pH regulator
  • Catalyst in biomass gasification – tar elimination – (calcined type)
  • Specialised industrial uses as an element in various product mixes



STROUMBOULIS collaborates with one of the most established Manufacturer brands in the field of water treatment products, the German brand EVERS GmbH & Co.KG, with the product EVERZIT ® Dol.

EVERZIT ® Dol is a thermal processing product, produced by natural dolomite (CaCO3 . MgCO3). It is mainly used for regulating pH in ground waters. Processed Dolomite is formed through thermal decomposition, accurately controlled so that only the magnesium carbonate of Dolomite transforms into magnesium oxide. The derived filtering product is significantly more powerful than pure calcium carbonate or even natural dolomite.


Features and benefits of EVERZIT ® Dol

  • Homogenous porous grains with rough-textured surface
  • Natural mineral refined by purely thermal treatment
  • High reactivity
  • Easy to handle
  • Problem-free transition when EVERZIT® Dol replaces similar media used in existing filter systems



EVERZIT® Dol is used in single-layer filters or dual media filters for removal of dissolved aggressive carbon dioxide. Neutralization takes place up to attainment of calcium carbonate/carbonic acid equilibrium. Besides neutralization the process also realizes increased water hardness.

Additional beneficial effects of filtration with EVERZIT® Dol include:

Removal of suspended particulates

Iron and manganese removal

Increased water hardness due to mineralization with MgCO3 und CaCO3

EVERZIT ® Dol is fully compliant with the European Standard EN 1017 for treatment of water intended for human consumption.

STROUMBOULIS offer the Dolomite EVERZIT ® Dol with all its certifications as well as with the flexibility – high quality service in terms of availability – deliveries to our Clients.


Chemical and natural characteristics

CaCO3 ~ 68%
MgO ~ 25%
CaO ~ 1,0%
MgCO3 ~ 5.6%
Specific density ~ 3,3 g / cm³
Bulk density ~ 1100 kg / m³
pH value ~ 11


Available grain sizes

  • 0,5 – 1,2 mm
  • 0,5 – 2,5 mm
  • 2,0 – 4,5 mm

Different granular sizes can be provided in line with your requirements.


Available Packaging

  • Bags 25 kg in pallets 1000 kg




  1. The calcium and magnesium content, density and pH are the key selection criteria for Dolomite Filter Media.
  2. Each use or application requires a specific granular size, with apart from nominal limits, also depends on the grain size distribution (distribution curve).
  3. Dolomite must be fully compliant with the EN 1017 Standard, so that it can be used as a filtering material for potable water.
  4. In cases of bulk products delivery or those contained in big bags, their quantity should be checked upon delivery.